I have updated the conversion toolkit with Saxon 6.5.5 jars.

I have also created a full version that includes all apps necessary to run the toolkit.

There is no need to build the conversion toolkit.

The fully built upgraded version can be downloaded at:

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Subject: Converting from EAD1  to EAD2 using XSLT and jEdit

Hi there

We are in the process of migrating EAD1 finding aids to EAD2 finding aids.

Does anybody on here have an XSLT to share that will work with jEdit and the XSLT processor? Or any more pointers on how to convert?

I have tried using the Conversion Toolkit from LOC:
. . . but SAXON 6.5.3  only works with Microsoft Java VM which of course is now not supported anymore.

I have not tried using the Conversion Toolkit with Saxon 6.5.5, has anybody tried this yet?

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