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Mark your calendars!


EAD at 10: a symposium

Sunday, August 31st, 9 am – 4 pm

Hilton San Francisco, San Francisco, CA


1998 was a year that saw the introduction of Viagra, the iMac, and Euro coins. John Glenn returned to space via the Space Shuttle. There was a 66-day-long blackout in Auckland, New Zealand. The US government filed an antitrust case against Microsoft. Smoking was banned in all California bars and restaurants. The first XML specification was released, and Google, Inc was founded as a company in Menlo Park, California by two Stanford PhD candidates. US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya were bombed. It was the year of the Lewinsky scandal. Professional wrestler Jesse Ventura was elected Governor of Minnesota. And Encoded Archival Description (EAD) was released to a world of eager archivists.


Please join us for a symposium to celebrate the 10th birthday of EAD. The day will feature talks from European speakers who will tell us how EAD has been taken up in their countries, and. We’ll also hear from a group of innovative archivists, who will present their forward thinking (and sometimes provocative) views about what the next 10 years will bring. More details will be available soon. Save the date and plan to spend it with us as we hear how EAD has impacted the world of archival description and as we think about what’s to come.


Contact Merrilee Proffitt ([log in to unmask]) or Kris Kiesling ([log in to unmask]) for more information.


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