Here's one example using the EAD schema: . If you want to view that through a style sheet, use . I didn't incorporate the style sheet within the XML (it's still a work in progress). I think the official EAD website should include many more examples of style sheets for the schema. Trying to figure out how to deal with namespace prefixes and XPath matching patterns was a pain, since it doesn't work the same as with the DTD, and there's little documentation out there even with a broader Google search.

Elizabeth Perkes
Utah State Archives

>>> Doris Malkmus <[log in to unmask]> 6/6/08 12:11 PM >>>
Dear early adopters,

Penn State is just now switching from DTD to the Schema .xsd.  As I 
understand it, the schema does not support entities.

It would be very helpful to us (and I assumt to others in this 
situation) to have several examples of eads that are now compliant 
with the schema--w3w.
IF anyone is willing to send to the list an xsd. or .txt file of eads 
that are schema compliant, it would help tremendously
I am particularly interested in how others have encoded the <eadid> 
and links to logos and other graphics without using entitites.
Any contributions would be appreciated.

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