Hello, all:
Please note that the deadline for application to fill current METS Editorial
Board vacancies is coming up on June 16th.  As previously mentioned, we are
interested in finding several talented, committed people who have the
skills, experience, time, and commitment to join the Board in its work
monitoring and furthering the use of the METS schema in the digital library

Criteria and expectations for Board members can be found on the METS
website: As
well, the Mission Statement of the METS Board can be found at:  The procedures for
filling the vacancy can be found at: 

The deadline for applications is June 16, 2008.  Questions about the Board
and applications can be addressed to any Board member (see the list of Board
members at, or directly
to me at [log in to unmask]  Think about applying -- it's a good group of
thoughtful, committed people who are fun to work with as well!



Nancy J. Hoebelheinrich
Metadata Coordinator
Digital Library Systems and Services
Stanford University Libraries / Academic InfoResources
Stanford, CA  94305-8408
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voice: 650-725-6843
fax:  650-725-0547