Hi Jerry, 

Thanks for the reply.  I really don't want to capture how to do the
extraction; we have registries for formats and tools to store that
information so that we are not locked into a specific tool and syntax.
All I really want to capture is the access information, the location
with the zip or tar file.  This is more like an offset within a media
file.   I'm talking with John Kunze about whether we can do this with
the qualifier portion of an ark identifier.   If that works, this
becomes a simple xlink:href.    

Thanks --- Evan    

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Hate to say it, since I should have caught this in editing, but the  
Primer has an error.  <transformFile> is defined as a restriction on  
the XML Ur-type anyType, and has no child character/markup content.   
If you want to include the specifics of how the transform is to be  
performed, you have two options: 1. use the TRANSFORMALGORITHM  
attribute to record a string description, or 2. use the  
TRANSFORMBEHAVIOR to reference a specific <behavior> element which  
implements the transformation.  If you're using option 1, you might  

> <mets:fileSec ID="TransformEX_01">
>   <mets:fileGrp ID="TAR_GZ_container_01" USE="Container">
>     <mets:file MIMETYPE="application/tar.gz" USE="Container">
>       <mets:FLocat xlink:href="file:sample01.tar.gz"  
> ID="sampleTar01.gz" LOCTYPE="URL" />
>       <mets:transformFile TRANSFORMORDER="1"  
> sample01.tar.gz | tar -xvf" />
>       <mets:file SEQ="1" MIMETYPE="image/tiff"  
> CHECKSUM="c1b82611e48066016ceb8daa93d46de7"CHECKSUMTYPE="MD5">
>         <mets:FLocat xlink:href="file:sample01_image01.tiff"  
> LOCTYPE="URL" USE="Archival Master"/>
>       </mets:file>
>       <mets:file SEQ="2" MIMETYPE="image/jpeg"  
> CHECKSUM="c3cb82611e48066016ceb8daa93d46df5" CHECKSUMTYPE="MD5">
>         <mets:FLocat xlink:href="file:sample01_image01jpeg"  
> LOCTYPE="URL"USE="Display Derivative"/>
>       </mets:file>
>     </mets:file>
>   </mets:fileGrp>
> </mets:fileSec>
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