This looks to be something more than a display label, however. It seems 
to refine the subject field to include materials, styles, etc.


Joe Altimus wrote:
> I wonder if there is support for defining the displayLabel attribute
> for the subject element in MODS?
> Some databases have keyword fields in various categorizations. In an
> archeology database, for example, a particular database may have
> several specific keyword fields: the cultures associated with a
> resource, the materials used in artifacts, the sites associated with a
> resource, etc.
> When mapping such data to MODS subject/topic (or other subject
> elements), it would be useful to have displayLabel available to retain
> the categorization of the source data. For example:
>    <subject displayLabel="artifact material keyword">
>       <topic>ceramic</topic>
>    </subject>
>    <subject displayLabel="artifact decorative style keyword">
>       <topic>animal</topic>
>    </subject>
>    <subject displayLabel="archeological site keyword">
>       <geographic>Galaz</geographic>
>    </subject>
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