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I'm having trouble figuring out how to encode a Uniform Title in a MODS record. While some Uniform Titles (e.g., for the Bible) only have a title component, most have both a name and title components, with the title not making sense without the name. This is common for music.

This is what a sample MARC name-title authority record would show:

100     10 |a Beethoven, Ludwig van, |d 1770-1827. |t Symphonies, |n no. 5, op. 67, |r C minor

And this is how the UT would appear in a MARC bibliographic record:

100     1_ |a Beethoven, Ludwig van, |d 1770-1827.
240     10 |a Symphonies, |n no. 5, op. 67, |r C minor

The full UT is split across the 100/240 pair. For a MODS record, one would think Beethoven would go in <name> and Symphonies... in <titleInfo type="uniform">. But how is the connection between the name and the title parts of the full UT made in the MODS record? In MODS, lists all the contributors in <name> elements, whereas in MARC you only have one 100 field - other names are in 7xx fields.

I'm not advocating MODS adopt the concept of main entry, but to use the UT effectively (which presumably is a goal of MODS since type="uniform" is defined for <titleInfo>) there needs to be *some* way to connect the right name with the UT. I'm very uncomfortable with the idea of including the name as part of the <titleInfo type="uniform"> - is that what is intended? The MARC to MODS mapping seems to support this not being the right thing to do. At <>, it just pulls in 240 data into <titleInfo> - it doesn't include data from the 100. But what other options are there?



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