NLS Operations Alert

no. 08-23

DATE  : June 3, 2008

TO    : Network Libraries
FROM  : Frank Kurt Cylke

Subject :      National Talking Book Awareness Day

As a result of network responses to an informal survey, NLS is planning to launch the
National Talking Book Awareness Day in late 2009. 

The celebration was proposed at the National Conference of Librarians Serving Blind
and Physically Handicapped Individuals that was held in San Antonio, Texas, May 4 8. 
NLS suggested observing an annual National Talking Book Awareness Day to bolster
the program's public image.  The occasion was described as an opportunity for all
network libraries to hold events on the same day, with NLS providing materials and
media support at the national level.  The proposed date was the end of the summer or
early fall 2008, when congressional representatives will likely be home as Congress
would be in recess.

Jane Caulton, head of Publications and Media and coordinator of the event, enlisted
the assistance of Richard Smith to help her develop and plan the event.  The two met
with seven network librarians to discuss the project.  Carolyn Caywood of Virginia,
Henry Chang of California, Pamela Davenport of South Carolina, Jane Karp of Florida,
Barbara Mates of Ohio, and David Oertli of Nebraska contributed ideas.  Though
concerned about the time line, the group was in favor of the project and suggested
themes and the types of materials that might be needed.

Returning to Washington, Ms. Caulton consulted the LC Congressional Relations
Office and proposed August 20, 2008, as the date.  Working with Mr. Smith, she
conducted an informal survey of the network to determine interest and cooperation
using the LBPH LISTSERV.  Responses indicated that the network personnel liked the
idea but felt the time line was too short for planning and budgeting.  As a result, NLS
has decided to postpone the launch of the event until next year.  Doing so encourages
the cooperation of the network, allows ample time for planning, and ensures a success
ful event.

A more comprehensive proposal will be announced at a later date.
For more information contact:

Jane Caulton
Head, Publications and Media Section
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