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>  You might term the terrific, Suteph Wongkomhaeng, the "Frank Sinatra
> of Thailand". He has received about every music award his country has
> to bestow, and is still going strong, probably in his eighties by now.
> His output from the 1970's has some of the most beautiful material
> you'll ever encounter. This guy has one of the most tonally-beautiful
> voices you'll ever hear...sort of a pop version of Robert Merrill. He
> is a particular favorite of the King, and certainly one of my
> favorites in the romantic ballad field.

Can you suggest another spelling? This one doesn't come up on Wikipedia
or Amazon.

The spelling "Oum Kalsoum" works for the Egyptian diva.

I think Peggy Lee was in the same class as Sinatra. It took me a long
time to realise how good she was.

Don Cox
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