Hello, William,

There are procedures on the Web for doing this, but I've never tried 
them. They all involve scary methods of swapping discs and confusing 
the machine.

The go-to people for this type of repair if you're serious about it are:

I have sent several people there in the past and have received a rave 
review and no other comments.

They have some neat tools you can buy, but for a few MDs their 
service is less costly. I thought about getting their tools and 
decided I'd just rather send people there who came to me with problem 
MDs. I'm focusing on analog tape (open reel and cassettes; audio and 
instrumentation) and can transfer several digital formats.

And, as a reminder, these folks are listed in my hierarchical formats 
and resources section on my website.

Good luck!



At 06:36 PM 2008-07-14, you wrote:
>Hey all,
>Here's a very simple question for you, I hope you can help me:
>I have several minidiscs I made live records to and for whatever
>reason, the table of contents writing did not happen.  I am aware
>the music is still on the disc... is there a way to write a new TOC
>without deleting the music already there?  You know, just a
>generic TOC for the entire disc... if I could do this, I might be able
>to salvage some of the priceless music to another format to
>preserve it... possibilities?

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