Hello, Steve,

We're starting to see these devices. There are some new developments 
that I'd like to see some first-hand reports on.
This is a USB cassette deck.

There is also a USB VHS deck

And even a USB/Compact-Flash TURNTABLE
I don't like the marketing that accompanied this announcement in the 
email newsletter:
"Imagine going to a friends house, recording his favorites and taking 
them home in your shirt pocket."

Then, for ministries and other large collectors of voice-grade 
cassettes, there is a high-speed USB to PC tool from Graff of Newark LTD (UK).
There are two models: a mono and a stereo one...and here's the TFWM 
review (where I first saw this device):

So, we do have some market penetration of specialized tools for 
cassette migration.



At 08:18 PM 2008-07-30, Steve Abrams wrote:
>I just did a search for cassettes on and got 177,692 results.
>I do have a question about cassettes.  Many of us still have 
>hundreds of cassettes.  Our sole interest is in listening to the 
>cassettes or transferring them to CDs or computer files.
>I am surprised that no one seems to make good playback equipment 
>which does not record. Surely there would be a number of advantages 
>to such machines. Cheap playback machines were often found in the 
>early days of the cassette.

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