While I don't do these things, it would be helpful to provide more 
details as there was a discrete carrier-system, the RCA CD4 disc as 
well as the matrix systems including the CBS SQ and the Sansui QS. 
There were probably more that I have forgotten. Unless it's the RCA 
system,. it is a matrix system much like the Dolby Pro Logic of later 
years that essentially is a rotated matrix from the earlier quad days.

I can digitize quadraphonic tapes.



At 07:16 PM 2008-07-05, you wrote:
>Hello all
>Does anyone out there have the equipment to do a transfer from a quad
>LP to four digital channels? If so, please contact me off list for
>Thank you much
>Alex Hartov
>Professor of Engineering
>Thayer School of Engineering
>Dartmouth College
>Technical Director
>Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive
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