Ping is a network utility that sends an echo request to a distant 
computer and reports the amount of time needed to receive a response. 
It's called "ping" because it resembles a ship's sonar system that 
produces a "ping" sound when it returns an echo.

Many people claim that it's short for Packet InterNet Groper, but the 
person who wrote the original software denied it.

You can try it: go to a command prompt and type "ping" followed by an 
Internet address. You will see the result on your screen.

John Ross

At  7/31/2008 12:50 PM, David Lennick wrote:
>Okay..what means "ping"? Aside from half of an indoor recreation 
>plus a character in Turandot.
>Aaron Levinson wrote:
>>I am wondering if anyone out there might have doubles of the 
>>following titles that they would be willing to sell:
>>1. Homer and Jethro-Playing It Straight-RCA
>>2. "                        "-It Ain't Necessarily Square-RCA
>>I am interested in vinyl versions of these recordings.
>>Please ping me off-list if you can help.