At 09:07 AM 2008-07-31, Parker Dinkins wrote:
>I did the video and audio for almost 100 interviews for the New Orleans Jazz
>Commission and others, and my experience is different with the audio.

Which brings up the point about headworn microphones. We're using 
Countryman and DPA headworn mics for the clergy at our church and 
they perform very well. The Countryman is easy to attach but bounces 
around more. The DPA is more invasive, but holds its position better. 
The DPA picks up more ambience in my application, but sounds better.

Has anyone tried these for oral histories? I suspect many subjects 
would object to them more than to the clip-on mics. The only clip-on 
mic I have is a Sony ECM-50P, but that is not the best compared to 
what is now available.



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