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>I had the pleasure of seeing Ella at the Hollywood Bowl in the late '80s. 
>She blew the place away, as Aaron said, but on this particular occasion, 
>she stumbled off of a small riser? (only a couple of inches) and landed on 
>her hands and knees. She made a joke and kept singing, laughing at her own 
>expense. Got a standing ovation. As for sheer excitement, I rank Ella over 
>Sinatra, but they were totally different kinds of singers.
Saw Ella at the "Imperial Room" in the Royal York Hotel, in downtown 
Toronto, probably
c.1979. I was TOTALLY blown away! One of my fondest musical memories!

So...does anyone exist, in this "post-punk-rock" generation, who is/are 
capable of an
equivalent level of musical ability...?!

I tend to think not...?!?!