I would certainly campaign for acceptance of the donation by the AWA, now  
that we have considerably added to out storage space. However the administration 
 of the organization is in a state of transition; whether this helps or not 
is  unknown.
Donation of a collection to a public institution "should" be a way to  
preserve it for future generations since it then belongs to the public. The  trouble 
is that, what belongs to everybody, belongs to nobody. What happens to  it 
depends entirely on the abilities and interests of those in charge of it at  
various times. 
I would be interested in a discussion of the various legal requirements on  
the care of collections for various state chartered educational and historical  
museums. Can anyone be held responsible for caring for the artifacts?
Mike Csontos
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Hello  All,
I was asked by Tom Packard to see if someone wanted to adopt Dick's  old
tape machines and electronics which he  designed and built himself  or,
in the case of the tape transports, had a professional machinist  build.
The head nests are all Ampex. 
The quality of  Dick's  Overtone releases are testament to how well
designed this gear is !!   

We would not want to see it just get scrapped, but would like to find  it
all a good home such as in a museum or collection.

If no one is  interested, I will try to get the Antique Wireless
Association in Rochester  to accept it all. 

Thanks !

Bob Hodge
Belfer Audio  Archive    

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