Does it moove freely when you turn it by hand with the top of the shell 

I've had a few casettes where the problem was solved by replaceing the slip 
sheets which went sticky.

Steve Smolian

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Scotch Master 90 cassette sticking

> My apologies if this has been answered in the past, but can anyone suggest
> how to get Scotch Master 90 cassettes that are sticking to play through at
> least  once for transfer to a new medium?
> These are consumer cassettes from the 1970s or 80s in which the tape winds
> around a fixed (not rotating) metal post, across the recording/playback 
> pad,
> around another post at the other corner of the front of the shell, and 
> then
> back  to the takeup pack. The tape stops dead repeatedly, especially in 
> mid-reel.
> There does not seem to be any evidence of flaking and when disassembled 
> (the
> shell is held together by phillips head screws) the interior is clean. My
> suspicion is that the tape has dried out and is sticking either to itself 
> or to
> the metal posts. I've seen some suggestions that problematic cassette 
> tapes
> be  lifted out and placed in a new shell, but would this help if the tape
> itself is  the problem? Would some type of lubricant work?
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Tim Brooks
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