I highly recommend you reach out to Art Shifrin ( He was the ultimate playback 
system for wires. If you have a number of wires, it may be worthwhile to contract with Art and 
outsource the transfer work. From the day wire recorders are notoriously bad mechanical devices, 
much better to apply modern technology to get better speed and pitch consistency and a number of 
other advantages.

-- Tom Fine

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We're trying to decide whether to rebuild an old wire player (or two) or
start from scratch. Our maintenance engineer asks:

"We have a small number of wire recordings in our collections, in a
variety of formats. We'd be interested to know what solutions other
archives have found for playing back wires. I know that there are old
machines still available, and some commercial operators using them to
make transfers, but have any of you built or commissioned new machines,
and how have you found the process? How do you handle different formats
- is it a good idea to have a separate machine for each format, or is
one 'universal' machine possible? Are there outfits or operators around
selling new machines and what would be the likely costs?"

All informed thoughts welcomed.



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