If it is organic in nature, like corn syrup, I would think it would 
dissolve when treated with googone, lighter fluid, or maybe even soaking 
it in water, if that wouldn't damage the laminate.

If it is glue, I don't know what will remove glue, and certainly without 
damaging the laminate. Nail polish remover? Acetone? Energine? Paint 

So what's on the things, anyway?

joe salerno

David Lennick wrote:
> I was sent some early 50s Soundcraft lacquers to transfer, and after I 
> cleaned off the palmitic acid these were very clean..except that one 
> disc seems to have come into contact with glue or corn syrup or some 
> other substance which has spread over the first two minutes in one area. 
> The stuff is hard, not sticky, and is in a lace-like pattern, not a 
> solid glob, and it plays through (and will probably scrape off but I'd 
> rather not do that to the grooves). Any suggestions that don't involve 
> ordering a special product and waiting for its arrival? GooGone? Lighter 
> fluid? Once again, the stuff isn't sticky.
> dl