Hmm. A shellac smoothie. Might cause a stir...

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I think it's interesting and, I hope, amusing.
  Until I retired last autumn I was an announcer at WFMT in  Chicago. Part of 
the job was preparing regular newscasts. We had three sources:  Associated 
Press; City News Bureau for local news; and Reuters. Reuters not only  had the 
most thorough stores; they also sent stories that verged upon the  whimsical 
and weird. Including the next, which I keep framed on the wall of one  of the 
rooms here that is filled with 78s.
  There is no year given. Probably the late '70s or early '80s. The  rest is:
  Shepton Mallet, England, July 2, Reuter -- A magistrate's court here  today 
was told of the local destitutes' top drink -- boiled phonograph  records.
  Scotsman Thomas Duncan, 50, said the hit beverage was made by  breaking up 
and boiling old 78 r.p.m. records.
  Duncan was jailed for 30 days for stealing two brass vases from a  house 
where he went for water to dilute his favorite drink.
  The police analyst in this town about 20 miles (32 kilometers) south  of 
Bristol is to study Duncan's claims.
  REUTERS 1935
  Another idea about what do with those 78s nobody wants normally,  perhaps?
  Don Tait

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