It's time again for my annual drag-netting for more episodes in the Murrow/CBS News "Hear It Now" 
radio series. This series, probably the original weekly news-magazine show, aired from December 1950 
through June 1951.

For some background of the program, hear Fred Friendly's testimony before the FCC, in segment 2 of 
the May 19, 2005 show here:

I have five out of the 28 or so shows in my OTR collection and am always eager to get more. OTR 
collectors, if you have some shows, let's swap. I've found that there is much less saved 
news/information programming in the private OTR collections than zillions of copies of the same 
somewhat dated dramas and comedies. It's too bad because the old school of electronic journalism 
runs rings around today's amateurish shout-fests and of coure wipes the floor with the myth-laden 

"Hear It Now" in particular was amazing for its time -- audio collected from all over the world and 
long-format features from such diverse places as the Big Apple Circus, Hollywood and the Korean War 
front. The sources varied from short-wave pull-downs to wire recordings to telephone transmissions 
to field optical and disk recorders and even some tape and the shows were assembled and edited in 
that newfangled format of magnetic tape.

Note that this is completely different from the 3 "I Can Hear It Now" LP records. This show was 
called "Hear It Now," was produced by CBS News and was aired on CBS stations from mid-December 1950 
through June 1951.

So, OTR fans, please check your collections and see if we have some swap-bait.

-- Tom Fine