Hi All,

I've been very pleased with my Arkiv CD purchases in
the past, but I thought you all should know about the
Mercuries that are being reissued by the label, and
I'd be interested in any comments regarding them by
Tom Fine.

This is from an email I just received from them:

"It's been an audiophile extravaganza this month at
ArkivMusic, with our sales on the fabulous BIS label
from Sweden (lots of titles back in stock!) and the
RCA Classic Film Scores series (my favorites this week
are the film scores for Errol Flynn and the Prince
Valiant Suite from Franz Waxman).
We round out the month with one of the most
fascinating audiophile labels of all, Mercury Living
Presence. Mercury was a special label in many ways, an
American company, from the heyday of classical
recording in the U.S., that reproduced some of the
most sonically realistic sounds at the dawn of the
stereo era. Precious few stereo LPs were pressed when
these recordings were issued, and they became some of
the rarest and most collectible classical discs ever.
ArkivMusic has now reissued over 60 releases from the
Mercury catalog, all of which are on sale for a
limited time."

Rod Stephens