I have 26 of the 28 shows.  Let me know if you are interested.

Neal Ellis

--- Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> It's time again for my annual drag-netting for more episodes in the
> Murrow/CBS News "Hear It Now" 
> radio series. This series, probably the original weekly news-magazine
> show, aired from December 1950 
> through June 1951.
> For some background of the program, hear Fred Friendly's testimony
> before the FCC, in segment 2 of 
> the May 19, 2005 show here:
> I have five out of the 28 or so shows in my OTR collection and am
> always eager to get more. OTR 
> collectors, if you have some shows, let's swap. I've found that there
> is much less saved 
> news/information programming in the private OTR collections than
> zillions of copies of the same 
> somewhat dated dramas and comedies. It's too bad because the old
> school of electronic journalism 
> runs rings around today's amateurish shout-fests and of coure wipes
> the floor with the myth-laden 
> "blogosphere."
> "Hear It Now" in particular was amazing for its time -- audio
> collected from all over the world and 
> long-format features from such diverse places as the Big Apple
> Circus, Hollywood and the Korean War 
> front. The sources varied from short-wave pull-downs to wire
> recordings to telephone transmissions 
> to field optical and disk recorders and even some tape and the shows
> were assembled and edited in 
> that newfangled format of magnetic tape.
> Note that this is completely different from the 3 "I Can Hear It Now"
> LP records. This show was 
> called "Hear It Now," was produced by CBS News and was aired on CBS
> stations from mid-December 1950 
> through June 1951.
> So, OTR fans, please check your collections and see if we have some
> swap-bait.
> -- Tom Fine

Neal Ellis
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