On 9 jul 2008, at 23.54, Jerry Fabris wrote:

Thanks. I had been visiting the excellent UCSB resource but did not  
find those two pages you kindly referenced.

I already have the Sutton work and have ordered but not yet received  
Koenigsberg's.  I have ordered today the Carter work as that seems to  
be quite good also!

many thanks! Darren

> "Blue Amberol cylinders: a catalog" compiled by Sydney H. Carter.
> Mainspring Press is planning a new version of their Blue Amberol book,
> which I believe will include foreign series.
> For a listing of standard series Edison brown wax and Gold Moulded
> cylinders, see this book:
> "Edison Cylinder Records, 1889-1912, With an Illustrated History of  
> the
> Phonograph", by Allen Koenigsberg

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