On 16.7.2008, at 20.15, Steve Abrams wrote:

> I'm astounded that Ingram can be so complacent.  It looks like  
> McCreevy has got everything he wanted.  What a deeply dishonest  
> proposal.  Note the way it trashes the Gowers Report:

Err no... I had specifically NOT commented on the report as I have had  
not had time to read it in full and chose not to rely on the various  
interpretations in the media. So thank you Abrams for jumping the gun  
and running to conclusions over my viewpoints to the report. Some of  
which impact on various things I am involved or may be involved in.   
There is phrase in parts of Europe. You cannot polish a turd. Maybe  
the turd can be repackaged a little better but it will never be a  

Unsure why you chose to post "in full" the extracts from the FAQ which  
was linked. I am sure someone will know your motives, even if you don't.



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