Many of us have had problems with Scotch 175. The problem is not Sticky Shed Syndrome but another form of Soft Binder Syndrome as defined by Richard Hess in a paper soon to be published in the ARSC Journal. Squealing, sticking, but not shedding very much? We used to call this loss of lubricant but Richard's work with a group of scientists has demonstrated that there is more going on than that. We have had success with cold play of this tape stock. Richard can elaborate. There is information on SBS in the FACET formats document at
Information on our cold play experience in the Sound Directions publication, pages 29-30 available at


Mike Casey
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Okay..I've just had a reel of 3M 175 turn up with major sticky problems. No
splices, tight pack but not unusually so, normal storage conditions. Anyone
else running into problems with this tape?