The Edison Phonograph Monthly was reprinted in it's entirety (1903-1916)
by Wendell Moore Vol. 1-14 - out of print, as far as I know. Technical
indices at the beginning of various volumes.


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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Index sought for 20th century trade journals

The Audio Engineering Society Historic Committee has received the 
following request:

 > I am looking for indices to the following early 20th-century trade
 > periodicals:
 > "Talking Machine World" (1905-29)
 > "Phonographische Zeitschrift" (1900-39)
 > "The Voice of the Victor" (1906-20)
 > "The Columbia Record" (1903-16)
 > "Edison Phonograph Monthly" (1903-?)

If anyone knows of any, I will pass the responses back to the 
original requester.



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