I tired to interest my employer in running a tribute, but there was no
interest. There is literally
just about nothing in the database for Tony Schwartz, owing to a
complete lack of commercially 
overground CD titles. Obviously, of the kind of work that he did, the
market for it in that format
in a package that would do it justice would hardly pay the bills. 

It occurs to me that the ideal format for disseminating Schwartz would
be to set up a free digital 
download site for the best of it. I feel one of his finest
accomplishments was a piece called
"The Sounds of the Family of Man" which was done, I think, for an Expo
and issued on a one-sided LP. 
Through a subscriber on this list I was able to obtain a cassette of it
from Tony and had hoped to
set up an interview with him. But alas I couldn't get anyone at the
radio station where I work to
engineer it for me. 

Tony who? Daisy commercial or not, this was a major issue in terms of
trying do celebrate his 
accomplishments when he was alive, or even freshly gone.

David "Uncle Dave" Lewis

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We've only recently begun digitizing the decades of audio that comprise
the Tony Schwartz Collection, but we plan to start posting highlights at
the Recorded Sound page of the Library of Congress website soon.
There'll be an announcement on the ARSClist later this summer.

Matthew Barton
Library of Congress
National Audio Visual Conservation Center Culpeper, VA

>>> Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> 07/03/08 9:25 AM >>>

I think all of most of this was part of the first collection of "Lost
and Found Sound," but it might have been re-edited/updated for On the
Media show last week.

By the way, I highly recommend both 2CD volumes of "Lost and Found

Andy Lansett, Schwartz mentioned he did a 35-years-running show on WNYC.
Do you know if there are any plans to make that collection available
online? In decent fidelity?

-- Tom Fine