Maybe, if you combine the total output of, Duane Deakins,Sidney Carter,
Alan Koenigsburg,and what we've added to Sidney Carter. 
All out of print. Nothing all inclusive, so far as I know.  

Bob Hodge 


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Is there a "canonical" list of all the Edison cylinders issued

-- Tom Fine

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> The  Edison Phonograph Monthly was reprinted in it's entirety
> by  Wendell Moore Vol. 1-14 - out of print, as far as I know.
> indices  at the beginning of various volumes.
> He also reprinted a series of the subsequent Edison Amberol Monthly -
> of which I leant Wendell.
> I started a "highlights" list of articles my in copies of Talking
> And Phonograph Weekly (which became Talking Machine and Radio Weekly,
and later  
> Radio and Television Weekly) but never completed it. It was
> Steve Ramm
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