As singers of the 20th C. go, for me, the only one who is in Frank's league is Om Kalthoum (or however you wanna transliterate her name). And he's pretty much the only other one in her league. 


>>> Ken Fritz <[log in to unmask]> 07/06/08 8:57 PM >>>
   This is a bachelor weekend for me as Sue is visiting her  family  
out of town. I'm playing the best vocals I have and that begins with  
Frank.  I'd never heard Frank live until Sue bought front row tickets  
for his performance in Richmond Va. It was my birthday present and  
what a surprise it was. Frank was overcome by  the moment and had to  
be taken to the hospital as his performance came to an end.

   I've always had a pecking order regarding the best male - female  
vocal artists. Being 66 years of age, I've had enough time, if not  
exposure to the wide range of artists the ARSC LISTERS have had, to  
settle on those whom I choose to listen to.

   Tonight I listened to Frank Sinatra Duets. I heard the great  
contemporary singers paired with Frank , "aka" Nat King Cole and Tina  
Cole.  FRANK first, #2,3,4 ? Male , Female.

     Your thoughts,