The Standing Committees on Automation, Standards, and Training have
considered the input received to date and completed their review of their
charges. We are now submitting drafts for final comment from the membership.
As Standing Committees, appropriately delineated charges are important to
their ability to effectively support the work of the PCC. The current drafts
attempt to provide sufficient detail to allow the PCC leadership to
appropriately assign tasks to each of the Committees, but seek to be of
broad and general enough scope to allow for the investigation and support of
new directions and initiatives. If you have any comments, please submit them
to the respective chair: Adolfo ([log in to unmask]) for Automation, Joan
([log in to unmask]) for Standards, or Caroline ([log in to unmask]) for
Training. Comments are requested by August 15th. Comments received will be
considered by each of the Committees after that date, with final drafts
submitted to PoCo for final review and approval. We thank you in advance for
your attention to this request for comment.



Caroline Miller

Joan Schuitema

Adolfo Tarango




Proposed charge for the Standing Committee on Automation:


The Standing Committee on Automation shall identify automation issues to be
resolved in order to implement the mission of the Program and shall
formulate plans to present PCC requirements to vendors; to elicit support
from other organizations which share automation interests, e.g., LITA; and
to facilitate cooperation among LC, Program participants and the
bibliographic utilities to work together on the Program's automation
requirements and goals.




Proposed charge for the Standing Committee on Standards:


The Standing Committee on Standards shall evaluate, review, and participate
in the formulation and development of revised, accepted, or newly developing
cataloging/metadata standards; promote the use of mutually acceptable
standards within all PCC programs; and shall maintain current awareness of
work being done in this arena to determine which standards are appropriate
to the needs of the PCC.




Proposed charge for the Standing Committee on Training:


The Standing Committee on Training shall identify the need for online
training programs in addition to in-person workshops and institutes aimed at
developing cataloging skills that support the Program goals for both new
participants and for continuing education and shall identify, develop as
necessary, and promote the distribution of easy-to-use

online documentation in support of Program goals.