It is my understanding that MARC Proposal No. 2008-07 was passed, to:
- Make Field 440 obsolete 
- In field 490, redefine the first indicator value "1" to "Series traced in 
8XX field." 

Offically, this does not take effect until the next MARC Update comes out 
(which might be in Oct, or will be sometime thereafter); however, I 
understand that a number of catalogers have stated their intention of 
immediately ceasing to use 440 and beginning to use 490 1/830 for series 
statements/series added entries. 

This means that records will soon start appearing on OCLC and in Web 
accessible catalogs with a 490 series statement traced the same as the 830 
series added entry, possibly causing some copy catalogers who are possibly 
less in-the-know than those of us keeping up with the latest 
cataloging 'gossip' to wonder what is going on. But this is just an aside, 
not my main concern.

We, at TMQ, welcome this change and believe it will be considerably less 
difficult to teach series treatment done this way. However, it has always 
been our policy to only teach concepts when we can point to some official 
(or at least semi-official, or at the very least somewhat reputable) 
readily available instructions or guidelines for reference.

As far as I can gather, the only 'official' announcement regarding this 
change in procedure will be the MARC Update and the subsequent change to 
the MARC21 Format manual, in Oct or later. (Might there be an LCRI, even 
though LC no longer makes series added entries?)

So my question is whether we should wait until the 'official' announcement 
has been made before teaching the new series treatment, or begin teaching 
it immediately?

We will be teaching 19 workshops before the end of Oct that are affected to 
a small or large degree by this change.

What are all you other Educatters doing?


Deborah Fritz
The MARC of Quality
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