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Digital National Security Archives

The Digital National Security Archive (DNSA) offers access to primary documents from the National Security Archive.  DNSA is the most comprehensive collection available of significant primary documents central to US foreign and military policy since 1945. Over 69,000 of the most important, declassified documents - totaling more than 488,000 pages - are included in the database. Many are published now for the first time.

DNSA is comprised of 30 collections, each focused on a single topic and containing a diverse range of policy documents including presidential directives, memos, diplomatic dispatches, meeting notes, independent reports, briefing papers, White House communications, email, confidential letters and other secret material. Additionally, contextual and reference supplements are provided for each collection, including general introductory material, a chronology, glossary and bibliography.

Documents have been selected and identified by leading scholars in each of the topic areas covered and have been indexed to permit item and page-level searching across more than 20 combinable fields.

In its totality, DNSA offers the most powerful research and teaching tool available in the area of U.S. foreign policy, intelligence and security issues during this pivotal period of twentieth-century history.  Collections are:

 1.  Afghanistan: The Making of U.S. Policy, 1973-1990
 2.  The Berlin Crisis, 1958-1962
 3.  China and the United States: From Hostility to Engagement, 1960-1998
 4.  The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962
 5.  El Salvador: The Making of U.S. Policy, 1977-1984
 6.  El Salvador: War, Peace, and Human Rights, 1980-1994
 7.  Iran: The Making of U.S. Policy, 1977-1980
 8.  The Iran-Contra Affair: The Making of a Scandal
 9.  Iraqgate: Saddam Hussein, U.S. Policy and the Prelude to the Persian Gulf War, 1980-1994
 10. Japan and the United States: Diplomatic, Security, and Economic Relations, 1960-1976
 11. Nicaragua: The Making of U.S. Policy, 1978-1990
 12. The Philippines: U.S. Policy during the Marcos Years, 1965-1986
 13. Presidential Directives on National Security from Harry Truman to William Clinton (Part I)
 14. South Africa: The Making of U.S. Policy, 1962-1989
 15. The Soviet Estimate: U.S. Analysis of the Soviet Union, 1947-1991
 16. U.S. Espionage and Intelligence, 1947-1996
 17. The U.S. Intelligence Community, 1947-1989
 18. U.S. Military Uses of Space, 1945-1991
 19. U.S. Nuclear History: Nuclear Arms and Politics in the Missile Age, 1955-1968
 20. U.S. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Policy, 1945-1991
 21. Terrorism and U.S. Policy, 1968-2002
 22. Presidential Directives on National Security from Harry Truman to George W. Bush (Part II)
 23. U.S. Policy in the Vietnam War, Part I: 1954-1968
 24. U.S. Policy in the Vietnam War, Part II: 1969-1975
 25. Death Squads, Guerrilla War, Covert Operations, and Genocide: Guatemala and the United States, 1954-1999
 26. Japan and the United States: Diplomatic, Security, and Economic Relations, Part II, 1977-1992
 27. Kissinger Transcripts: A Verbatim Record of U.S. Diplomacy, 1969-1977
 28. Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited: An International Collection of Documents, from the Bay of Pigs to the Brink of Nuclear War
 29. U.S. Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction: From World War II to Iraq
 30. Kissinger Telephone Conversations: A verbatim record of U.S. diplomacy, 1969-1977(Completed collection will include 60 audio files, bringing sound to DNSA for the first time.)

Policy File

PolicyFile is the leading source for finding information on U.S. public policy issues via the Web with content from 1990 to present. Both domestic and foreign policy gray literature is thoroughly indexed with links to full-text documents not easily found on the Web.   PolicyFile provides comprehensive, non-partisan access to today's critical policy issues, including military and security policies, international trade and business, economics, health, education, immigration, and other policy subjects.
PolicyFile is updated weekly with additions of approximately 250 records per week. Currently, users may access over 91,000 records from 1995 to current, most of these with links to the full-text documents. This resource for difficult-to-find gray literature covers all foreign and domestic policy papers produced by an impressive and growing number of nongovernmental agencies, research institutes, and think tanks in the U.S.
The 386 organizations included in PolicyFile are reviewed daily to gather the most recently published papers, reports, and documents for inclusion. All records have subject indexing and abstracts, and the vast majority of PolicyFile records include links to the full-text documents. Efforts have been made to include a variety of viewpoints and perspectives to all issues.
PolicyFile is a non-partisan resource that collects information from a wide range of organizations including: the American Enterprise Institute, Brookings Institution, Cato Institute, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Economic Strategy Institute, Heritage Foundation, Institute for International Economics, International Monetary Fund, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, RAND Corporation, and The World Bank. Abstracts are provided on everything from health care reform to trade with Asia; from environmental regulation to telecommunications reform; from security in the former nation of Russia to the Mexican peso stability. Includes links to full text of articles and documents. Nearly 50% of the records contain full-text links.
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