**Please excuse cross postings.**

The Federal Libraries and Information Centers Committee (FLICC) has called
together a small team of librarians in the community to develop a survey
about future space issues for Federal libraries.  We ask you to take about 20
minutes to fill out the survey and let us know what you are thinking about
space needs over the next 5 to 10 years. 

You can take the survey at: 

The survey will be available through July 31, 2008.  After that date, the
team will compile the information collected and prepare a report to the FLICC
Executive Board.  The results of the survey will be published on the FLICC
Web site in late August, 2008, at 

If you are unable to take the survey online and would like to submit a paper
copy, please contact Richard Huffine at [log in to unmask] or
703-648-7182 and he will send you a PDF version of the survey that you can
print out and either fax or mail in. 

This is an informal survey and we are seeking input from anyone that wants to
weigh in on the space issues facing Federal libraries today.  We welcome your
input and look forward to sharing the results. 

Catherine Earles, Bureau of the Census (Chair) 
Stephanie Darnell, US House of Representatives 
Richard Huffine, US Geological Survey 
Connie Wiley, Army Corps of Engineers 
Amanda Wilson, Department of Transportation