How far can you go using <role>?  In the example your role term would be
"composer" and that would seem to fit -- but there might also be 700s that
are also going into a <name> tag, for example, for the conductor and
soloist, causing confusion?  Could you think about it with respect to the
many complex situations that you encounter in the music and performance
material?  Does one always know what role relates in a primary way to the
resource title?  MODS does not preserve the "main" distinction but the role
can designate "author" and if there are joint authors can allow both to
support the title.

If there are other a/t in the MARC record they go in either subject or
related item, of course, so they do not get in the way, but in some cases
could have the same issue.


At 08:09 PM 6/29/2008 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>I'm having trouble figuring out how to encode a Uniform Title in a MODS
record. While some Uniform Titles (e.g., for the Bible) only have a title
component, most have both a name and title components, with the title not
making sense without the name. This is common for music.
>This is what a sample MARC name-title authority record would show:
>100     10 |a Beethoven, Ludwig van, |d 1770-1827. |t Symphonies, |n no.
5, op. 67, |r C minor
>And this is how the UT would appear in a MARC bibliographic record:
>100     1_ |a Beethoven, Ludwig van, |d 1770-1827.
>240     10 |a Symphonies, |n no. 5, op. 67, |r C minor
>The full UT is split across the 100/240 pair. For a MODS record, one would
think Beethoven would go in <name> and Symphonies... in <titleInfo
type="uniform">. But how is the connection between the name and the title
parts of the full UT made in the MODS record? In MODS, lists all the
contributors in <name> elements, whereas in MARC you only have one 100
field - other names are in 7xx fields.
>I'm not advocating MODS adopt the concept of main entry, but to use the UT
effectively (which presumably is a goal of MODS since type="uniform" is
defined for <titleInfo>) there needs to be *some* way to connect the right
name with the UT. I'm very uncomfortable with the idea of including the
name as part of the <titleInfo type="uniform"> - is that what is intended?
The MARC to MODS mapping seems to support this not being the right thing to
do. At <>, it just pulls
in 240 data into <titleInfo> - it doesn't include data from the 100. But
what other options are there?
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