I notice that the MODS schema uses xsd:sequence to define the children
of the cartographics element:

               <xsd:element name="scale" minOccurs="0" type="xsd:string"/>
               <xsd:element name="projection" minOccurs="0" type="xsd:string"/>
               <xsd:element name="coordinates" minOccurs="0"
maxOccurs="unbounded" type="xsd:string"/>

However, an example of <cartographics> in the MODS User Guidelines
does not conform to the schema:

    <coordinates>E 72--E 148/N 13--N 18</coordinates>
    <projection>Conic proj</projection>

so I wonder if the example is wrong or the Schema (xsd:all instead of
xsd:sequence)? Is there a strong reason why the children should occur
in a rigid order in this case?

Joe Altimus
Arizona State University Libraries