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My guess is that the next training will be early next year. There are just not enough trainers for another session in September. I believe there is at least 1 more slot open now. I would try to get them to register and see what happens.
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Any chance you will repeat the training later in year or add another session?  Some of our catalogers had planned to attend, but we had not registered yet.

David M Saah wrote:
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We are gratified at the overwhelming response we have had to our Institute for September. We have had close to 30 applications. To accommodate that many trainees, we have decided to have 2 concurrent sessions for that time period. Our trainers, who have had several years of cataloging and training experience at LC and elsewhere, will perform double duty by teaching one module in the first session and then another in the second session.
To get the best effect out of the training, we have decided to limit the class sizes to 15 each class. If you have already sent in your application for the Institute, you are assured of a place in either session. Please let us know of a change in plans so that we can provide open slots to those on our waiting list. Additional trainees will be added to the classes on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will be notified that you are on a wait list otherwise.
Please see our Institute application page to apply for the Institute: http://www.loc.gov/catdir/pcc/naco/instappl.html  and to get further information.
For further questions please contact: Gracie Gilliam [log in to unmask] or David Saah [log in to unmask]
Thanks to all for your support and interest in the NACO Program.
David Saah
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