PCC Folks:

A reminder that the project to begin adding non-Latin script data (4XX references and selected notes) to NACO records will begin next week.  Those institutions that contribute to the NACO file via a NACO node (including LC catalogers working in OCLC only) may begin adding non-Latin script data on Sunday, July 13.  [Note: LC catalogers working in Voyager should not begin until Monday, July 14.]

Even if your daily work does not involve the use of non-Latin script data, you may encounter non-Latin script references on NACO authority records beginning next week-- if you *do not* generally work with non-Latin script data, please do not add, delete, or alter the non-Latin script data on name authority records (questions/concerns can be sent to [log in to unmask]).  Until further notice, all authority records with non-Latin script references should be coded as "unevaluated" (value "b" in 008/29 Reference Evaluation)-- please do not adjust the evaluation byte-- the record should remain unevaluated until evaluation guidelines are issued in 2009. 

If your daily work *does* involve the use of non-Latin script data, and you choose to add non-Latin references, you may begin to add non-Latin script data to name authority records next week.  Please observe the following guidelines:

1.  Please thoroughly read the Frequently Asked Questions related to this project, found on the main project website: 
Note that this FAQ was recently updated, so a quick review is necessary even if  you have already looked at the FAQ.

2.  To start, you may add non-Latin script data to name authorities only in the following two situations:
2a.  You create a new name authority record on or after Monday.
2b.  You edit a name authority record that existed prior to Monday and that record has already been pre-populated with non-Latin script references (see the FAQ for information related to pre-population).  You will know that the pre-population has occurred if you find a 667 note that indicates: "Machine-derived non-Latin script reference project."  

3.  You may *not* add non-Latin script data to any other record that existed prior to Monday that has not been pre-populated (i.e., the 667 note Machine-derived non-Latin script reference project" is not present).  The pre-population is expected to take a few months-- announcements will be made when the pre-population is complete, at which point all NACO records are candidates for non-Latin script data. We thank you for your patience during this pre-population period.   Note that you may *not* add non-Latin script data to subject authority proposals.

4.  As indicated in the FAQ, if you do add non-Latin script references to newly-created name authority records (see 2a. above), please also do the following:
4a. set the reference evaluation byte (008/29) to "b" in all cases.
4b. add a 667 note to each authority record that indicates the non-Latin script reference(s) is/are unevaluated-- the text of the 667 should read:  "Non-Latin script reference not evaluated." or "Non-Latin script references not evaluated."

Any questions should be directed to the Cataloging Policy & Support Office ([log in to unmask])