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One of our Arabic language catalogers has noticed an idiosyncrasy in the display of the 670 field in OCLC when he inputs Arabic characters. The portion of the $b in parenthesis that contains the Arabic script jumps to the far left of the field in front of what would be the start of $a (i.e., the field switches to right-to-left reading order when he inputs Arabic characters).


If the record is printed, it looks fine, as does the public display. It seems that only the display in OCLC looks a bit funny. For example, see the record for: Khatir, Jurj Anis (no2008101559). The 670 looks a bit odd in OCLC, but displays fine if you view it in the LC online authorities, or if you print the record. Is it something specific to OCLC, or is there something on our end that we need to do to correct the display?


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