Hi, Liz,

A few thoughts on your posting below.

For *authority records*, users *can* add non-Latin data by copy/pasting
text using the Browser--this includes all the characters supported by
the MARC-8 repertoire of UTF-8 for the NACO contribution/distribution
Important note: the ability to add non-Latin script data using the
browser is *only* supported for authority records; no changes have been
made to the scope of non-Latin support for bibliographic records. 

The problem you noted below is believed to be introduced into authority
records when copying/pasting data from a formatted document (in which
the data was stored in tables, columns, etc.) and the formatting
characters are identified as UFC's (Unicode Formatting Characters).
OCLC is investigating a means to identify authority records that contain
the UFC's, but lack the types of data in which they were intended to

In the browser, one way of ensuring a left-to-right display is to use
the MARC Text View display.  
Please note:  regardless of the presence or absence of UFC's, the only
presentation of data using the MARC Text View is left-to-right.  You can
set this as a default view in the Browser--select the tab General, then
under Admin, select Authority Options. You will find a preference named
"Authority Record View", and select the option labeled "MARC Text Area".
You can also set the same option when viewing records from the Save

--Becky Dean

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Subject: [PCCLIST] Another question on vernacular display in OCLC

Last week there was some discussion about how to use the align right
feature in Connexion Client for right to left languages.  The Browser
appears to be perpetually in "align right" so that the 670s always look
wrong. Is there a way to turn it off as there is in the Client? 

And before anyone says it ... I do realize that one can't input
vernacular in the Browser, but the display may be an issue of annoyance
for some users.


Liz Plantz

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Subject: [PCCLIST] Call for PCC/SACO volunteers: LCSH Genre/Form

[Message cross-posted to multiple lists.  Please excuse the

In early 2007 the Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO) of the
Library of Congress initiated a project to create authority records for
genre/form headings (MARC tag 155), which indicate what a work is, as
opposed to what it is about.  The first discipline undertaken was that
of moving images (films, television programs, and video recordings), and
was accomplished in cooperation with the Moving Image, Broadcasting, and
Recorded Sound Division (MBRS).  The first moving image genre/form
authority records (MARC tag 155) were approved in September 2007.

The second project undertaken, also in cooperation with MBRS, was to
create radio program genre/form headings.  The first of these authority
records was approved in May 2008.

We are now seeking volunteers for a pilot project to test PCC
participation in contributing genre/form headings to LCSH in these two
disciplines.  Volunteers will propose new 155 headings in these two
disciplines only.

Volunteers must be SACO program members in good standing.

Successful testing of contribution methods for genre/form headings for
moving images and radio programs is the prelude to expanding creation of
genre/form headings to other fields, such as law, literature, music, and
religion.  A timetable can then be formulated for this expansion.

The pilot project does not include contributing genre/form subdivision
authority records.

Current practice allows members to propose through the SACO web form new
genre/form headings tagged as 150s for use in their local files as 155
headings.  This practice will continue for those not in the test

Please contact Paul Frank, Cooperative Cataloging Team, Library of
Congress, [log in to unmask], with expressions of interest by Wednesday,
August 6, 2008.

Please include the following information:
1.	Do you have a special collection of moving images or radio
2.	Do you have an existing database of headings in the MARC 21
format that you would like to contribute, or will you be working from
3.	If you have an existing database, how many genre/form records do
you wish to contribute?
4.	How large a weekly contribution do you anticipate?