Hello, Jonathan,

To keep things in perspective, most motors and other devices that use 
electromagnetism keep most of it inside in order to improve efficiency.

If I recall correctly, the DC magnetism of the earth is 0.5 Gauss.

The best reference I'm aware of is here:

And if you wish a quick refresher on magnetic units, please see

I hope that helps.



At 04:32 PM 2008-08-26, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>We have most of our audio collections housed in powered mobile storage
>units (Spacesaver Eclipse EC300). A colleague from another institution
>recently mentioned that they had chosen manual mobile storage due to the
>potential interference from the motor on magnetic-based audiotape. The
>EC300 uses a 90VDC motor, 1/6HP, 5 amp max, 120VAC 60Hz. There is
>approx. 3-4" between the motor and the lowest storage shelf. Is that
>enough to cause interference with the audio signal?
>Many thanks,
>Jonathan Wise
>Audiovisual Archives
>Canadian Museum of Civilization

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