At 09:14 PM 2008-08-27, Charles Lawson wrote:

>I'm right there with you, Tom.  I'd never go back.

Me neither!

>I am booked up pretty solidly for the next little while, but if I can put
>together a few A-Bs, I'll be happy to share 'em.

Me too, but somewhere I have a Man of LaMancha CD and LP (my LP was 
beat to a pulp, but it sounds as if the CD reissue engineer didn't 
turn on the Ampex Master Equalization filter...or something that gross.

Some of the Joan Baez first CD reissues had slowing tape as if the 
masters were suffering from SSS and weren't baked/wiped/whatever. I 
think the second set of Vanguard Baez CDs have that repaired, but I 
haven't gone looking. "David's Album" was,  by far, the worst in the 
original series.



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