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On 28/08/08, Richard L. Hess wrote:
> At 09:14 PM 2008-08-27, Charles Lawson wrote:
>> I'm right there with you, Tom.  I'd never go back.
> Me neither!
Nor would I. 

There are, I think, three reasons why many audiophiles prefer LP to CD. 

One is that a turntable offers plenty of opportunities for tweaking.
There is a discussion in this month's issue of "The Gramophone"
in which a man from Linn (who make turntables and CD/SACD players, and
issue audiophile discs) remarks that when they issued a "BASIK"
turntable, nobody bought it. They then added one simple adjustment, and
it sold well.

(He also says that his customers generally prefer LP to CD, and SACD to

The other reason is that a turntable normally connects straight into the
amplifier. There is not a line level connection between one box and
another, as there is with a CD player. In most commercial products, the
line level outputs from CD players (and tuners, cassette decks, etc) are
underpowered. Their output impedance is too high and they cannot deliver
the current needed at high levels. 

The result is that the sound hardens, or even becomes shrill, as the
level goes up. A frequency response that varies with level is unpleasant
to listen to. 

The third reason is that some formed their opinion of CD in the 1980s,
when the technology was still under development. Many 1980s CDs do sound
pretty bad. 

Don Cox
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