At 12:20 PM 8/13/08, John S wrote:
>Anyway, your thoughts on a good USB interface,

Don't need one, IMHO.  Plug it into the line-in of the sound card or 
sound inputs of the on-board sound provisions.

>a good and inexpensive pair of monitors,

No such animal, IMHO.  I have yet to hear one set of Guitar Center 
grade "monitors" I like.


I like AKG, but that's me.  I've had some fairly good results with 
the small in-ear type headphones.

>and on suitable software would be most appreciated.

For me, it is Sound Forge.  I bought Version 6 (current is version 9) 
and am still running it.  Perfectly adequate for transfer duty, which 
is what I've used it for.  If you are looking to do 16bit/44.1KHz 
transfers of your cassettes and other tapes, this will be fine.  If 
your goal is just to do as clean a transfer as possible warts and all 
(that would be my goal), just make copies with Sound Forge and don't 
worry about plug-ins.

Sound Forge is very easy to work with.  If they ever come out with a 
version that runs under LINUX, I would buy it in a heartbeat.  

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