At 11:34 PM 2008-08-15, David Lennick wrote:
>1....This [delay] has been noticed for a few weeks now.

Held up in customs?

>2. Why, when I reply to some messages, does the reply go only to the 
>sender and not to the list? What's different about some listmembers' 
>addresses? Nothing I see in the original message suggests that I 
>have to "reply all" (and then delete the sender's address). I notice 
>this with Joe Salerno and Roger Kulp.

 From the expanded headers on Joe's message of 2008-08-07 09:49 PM
Reply-To: [log in to unmask]
 From the expanded headers on Roger's message of 2008-08-15 8:33 PM
Reply-To: [log in to unmask]

For some reason, these people are placing "reply to" headers in their 
outgoing messages and your software is reacting to them.



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