From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad


Bob Ohlsson wrote

............ The standard IS the RCA test record. We measured it
> and matched our cutting systems to it within a few tenths of a dB.
> There were also only a handful of different devices employed.
> If one's goal is accurately reproducing the recordings, this can be
> accomplished simply by calibrating one's playback system to the RCA test
> record. I think most people would be shocked by how accurately what was on
> the master tapes along with any "creative" extra eq. or compression was
> reproduced. I've always thought the endless papers about math formulas and
> standards are utterly absurd because mastering has been practiced in a
> very consistent manner throughout the industry.

----- was this the 10" RCA test record 12-5-49? This "New Ortophonic" 
Frequency Test Record was recorded in such a way that they could state: 
"adjust wide range reproducer for constant output when playing this record". 
On the front of the cover is the curve, and on the back complete 
instructions, including passive LR and RC networks. It goes all the way from 
30 Hz to 15 kHz, although while the part from 10 to 15 kHz is with a reduced 
velocity, it is still constant.

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