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Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2008 8:42 PM
Subject: [ARSCLIST] Blumlein on Line

I have just posted the Blumlein broadcast (The Archive Hour, Radio 4, last Saturday) as 192k stereo 
MP3.  The file size is 78 MB.

I think the sound should be acceptable and quite vivid in places.

There is some stereo information in the Beecham.

Symposium issed four 78rpm sides of the Beecham on vinyl 78s a few years ago.  They thought there 
was little or no stereo information on these discs.

I copied the broadcast from the hard disc of my standalone recorder to DVD. I then played the disc 
on my computer using Nero and recorded the sound to 16 bit stereo wave using Total Recorder.  I used 
Goldwave to convert the sound to 192k MP3.

The statistics in Nero said the audio was 256k Dolby digital.

I think the standard for the disc is MPEG 2.  I think that Nero would have recorded the program in 
MPEG 2 if I had let it.  But a number of downloaders would have been confused.

Steve Abrams