Thanks for the tutorials, folks...

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 load, as seen by the cartridge.
> Hi, Andrew,
Hi, Mr. Hess,

> You don't want to double-terminate the cartridge.

Ok... I just thought that would get me a lot closer to Z = 47k, since the
combined Z would be what the cartridge actually "saw" (no?); the sum would
be about 50k Ohms, tops.  What causes the difficulty? i.e., Why not "y-"?

> ... I forget the exact range of
> values for a moving magnet cartridge, but the resistance should be 47
> K ohms and the capacitance is around 100-200 pF. Cable is often 20-40
> pF per foot.

And here I thought that the capacitance (in the cabling, and entire network)
was merely something to try to minimize (due to the LPF effect of the R-C

If I were to use the 14 pF/foot Mogami 3080 cable, could I get to the target
loading value by merely making the interconnects 10 feet long? ]:   (14 x 10
= 140 pF)

Or is it actually better (for other reasons than cap and Z, alone) to use
cabling which is as short as physically possible with a small tuning cap
hung off the ends?