Hi Richard:

All of this just backs up the point I keep hammering home -- crappy mastering is crappy mastering 
and it's totally separate from source media used. If the mastering were done right in either case 
you cite -- and it seems like basic engineering skill and know-how were missing in both cases --  
then the master tape would always be the preferred source and the CD would sound better than the 
original LP (assuming proper aesthetics were exercised vis-a-vis things like dynamics control, 
level-normalization, A-D converter choice, etc).

Here, I'll cite some other examples where the end-product LP was better than a CD: 1) all of the 
Classic Records reissue Led Zeppelin albums vs the original Warner/Atlantic CD's from the 1980's. 
2) all of the Analogue Productions LP and SACD of the Creedence Clearwater Revival catalog -- vs. 
ANY previous version on any media. I give the edge to the SACD but the vinyl is damn good.  3) many 
but not all of the Classic Records reissues of the RCA Living Stereo classical -- this is probably 
controversial -- certainly vs. the early 1990's CD's but less so against the hybrid SACD's, although 
in many cases the SACD's show how worn out those master tapes are by now.. 4) the early 1980's 
Polygram Japan jazz LPs vs. the later Polygram Japan early-era CD's of the same material. In all of 
these cases, the preferred LPs prove there is good source material from which good CD's could have 
been made, but they weren't. This is purely the fault of lousy mastering.

-- Tom Fine

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> At 09:14 PM 2008-08-27, Charles Lawson wrote:
>>I'm right there with you, Tom.  I'd never go back.
> Me neither!
>>I am booked up pretty solidly for the next little while, but if I can put
>>together a few A-Bs, I'll be happy to share 'em.
> Me too, but somewhere I have a Man of LaMancha CD and LP (my LP was beat to a pulp, but it sounds 
> as if the CD reissue engineer didn't turn on the Ampex Master Equalization filter...or something 
> that gross.
> Some of the Joan Baez first CD reissues had slowing tape as if the masters were suffering from SSS 
> and weren't baked/wiped/whatever. I think the second set of Vanguard Baez CDs have that repaired, 
> but I haven't gone looking. "David's Album" was,  by far, the worst in the original series.
> Cheers,
> Richard
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