Hi All:

Does anyone have a listing or better yet a discography of the Mercury MG10000 series, the first 
LP's? I couldn't find anything of much use online, just a few snippets here and there. Surprisingly, 
none of the LPs I have list any other titles on the back cover and this was pre-inner sleeves so no 
complete listing like started appearing for the later MG50000 series once inner sleeves became the 

If someone has started such a list, I'll be happy to include the bits and pieces I have in my own 
collection. There's also a few references to some of these albums in John Hammond's autobiography 
(for instance the recordings of Oistrakh and Shostakovich made in Prague in 1946 and the 
Oistrahk/Khachaturian recording made in Russia, and some general info about the Czech-captured 
German Telefunken recordings from WWII era, and some references to the original recordings of Mitch 
Miller playing oboe chamber music).

Anyway, a complete listing of these LPs would be most helpful.

-- Tom Fine